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I must admit that feeding my two babies were kind of a pain back then during those times when they were just newborns. They are boys and the love to eat a lot whenever they feel hungry. I tried putting some pillow under my arm to help me be more comfortable while nursing them, but still it was not that big of a help.

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Anyway, i found out from a friend that there is actually a comfort mombo nursing pillow that can actually be bought in store. Wish i had known this before, life would have been much easier for me. What it does to the moms is to help make feeding the babies a lot more comfortable and easy. It’s amazing how this pillow can make both for a mommy and the baby make the feeding not having an awkward positions. And this is actually perfect because i have a friend that is going to have a baby shower next week, and i will have to get one for her which is i learned that these products is available at Toys R’ Us or in Babies R’ Us stores.

I am sure my friend would be so happy to get this, pillows are pillows but this kind is designed differently that will perfectly suit to the baby and mommy feeding positions. And if you know someone who is about to have a baby or has a newborn, you might want to suggest them to get one for themselves for their comfort. If only i have a newborn, i would definitely get one for myself. I love their prints too, so calm and cool in the eyes and just by looking at it, it sure can give comfort to both the mom and baby which is very important when feeding a newborn.

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Smile! Click!

Too bad that the connector of my potato Nintendo dsi’s charger is broken. He won’t be able to enjoy this toy anymore like he did before. It doesn’t charge and i guess it’s not worth fixing it. This is a hand me down toy from his big brother and he had it for a long time. He’s been looking for it though and i had to make an excuses because i hid it and if i give it to him, he will just be upset because it doesn’t work anymore.

These photos below were taken awhile ago while we were enjoying the warmer weather in the backyard. He likes to photograph me just as how much as i like photographing him and so as his big brother. But i guess they kind of getting tired of facing the camera already because i snap every move they make lol! Anyway, i think he is getting the idea that if i smile, he has to take a picture of me and i do the same to him. So first, he took a picture of me and of course i smiled, then it was my turn to take a picture of him and he smiled back at me. Lovely baby of mine, playing photographer wanna be with me ♥



Brothers For Life

We are just so glad that the weather is getting a lot better lately. I really can’t wait for it to be a lot warmer soon so we can enjoy the outside fun even more. My boys had so much fun in the backyard the other day blowing the bubbles. Although it was a bit chilly but still they enjoyed being outside. I love seeing them sharing one toy and not fighting each other because they want it for themselves and not wanting to share it. This time they did share the one bottle bubble and were laughing while they blew it. It makes my heart sing to see them like this, being friends to each other and enjoying what they have both.


No More Pictures!

This is what i promised you all to show that he did mean he warned me, lol! I just could not help not to share this picture of his because i find it so hilarious that he actually did cover his face from me facing the camera at him. He is obviously sick and tired of me as his mamarazzi lol! Wherever he goes i am always there to snap a few of him. And he is so done with that! Well, this is something new that i took though, to be honest and i liked it despite the fact that his face is covered with his own hands! lol!


Dashboard Solutions

When i went to my friend’s house i realized she was not there and went to the store to buy some groceries quickly. Had to entertain myself so i ended up bothering his husband from his office while i was waiting for my friend and asked him what he was doing. He showed me the dashboard solutions that he is currently working and i honestly did not understand the whole thing because i don’t actually know his field of business. Anyway, good thing that my friend came home right away and then we left to shop afterwards.