Smile! Click!

Too bad that the connector of my potato Nintendo dsi’s charger is broken. He won’t be able to enjoy this toy anymore like he did before. It doesn’t charge and i guess it’s not worth fixing it. This is a hand me down toy from his big brother and he had it for a long time. He’s been looking for it though and i had to make an excuses because i hid it and if i give it to him, he will just be upset because it doesn’t work anymore.

These photos below were taken awhile ago while we were enjoying the warmer weather in the backyard. He likes to photograph me just as how much as i like photographing him and so as his big brother. But i guess they kind of getting tired of facing the camera already because i snap every move they make lol! Anyway, i think he is getting the idea that if i smile, he has to take a picture of me and i do the same to him. So first, he took a picture of me and of course i smiled, then it was my turn to take a picture of him and he smiled back at me. Lovely baby of mine, playing photographer wanna be with me ♥



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