Favorite Cousin

How neat that my favorite cousin is now wearing a scrub!!! I love it! She is finally making her dreams come true to be a nurse and started working at the private hospital close to where she lives. I am so happy for her. It used to be our dreams together but it never came true for me because i got married and she continued her studies after she worked so hard on saving some money for her dream. I can never be happier for her, she deserved a treat from me! Or maybe she will since she is the one that got the job now! haha! We do need to bond one of these days.

Will Make Her Happy

Don’t exactly know what my niece was talking about. She told me that she wants to have the belmonte. And when i searched it, i am actually surprised because it is an instrument or part of instrument. I do love instrument though but seems like the instrument doesn’t love me at all, lol! But, anyway, since she is asking a favor from me, i will buy it for her, it isn’t that much though, i can just afford that to make her happy.

Memories Needed To Keep

How i wish we have plenty of money to run around wherever we would like to go. Hubby was just talking about wanting to go back to Italy. He had his college there and he missed the place so bad. But since we have no budget, we’ll just have to plan on that sometime, maybe someday. Also, i saw the awesome deals of orlando hotels. We have been planning to take the kids there at Disneyland in Orlando but, maybe not this year, hopefully it’ll be next year. I myself is dying to go there because i have never been to any Disneyland and that is one of my dream to be in the place so i can keep all the good memories with my family by taking tons of photos.

Toca Percussion

Honestly, i am quite impressed with what my cousins have right now, he’s got all the instruments for his band such as his new delivered Toca Percussion. He is very anxious and excited to do another song of their band, which is not originally from their own, yet they changed the melody on it. I love his band, it’s just so soothing to the ears, their voice can make people fall in love and hopefully, they will be discovered and be popular someday.

Very Busy

Too busy lately. I just couldn’t keep up with my schedules even though i am a stay home mother. Spring is obviously here and the kids loves to go outside and have some fun more often. I tried to catch the chores i have inside the house and run some errands here and there but i still have not enough time to do all the things that i am supposed to do. I sometimes wonder why all these works has to be done in certain time. But oh well, i should just keep going instead of whining. Life is beautiful to complain! LOL!