Dashboard Solutions

When i went to my friend’s house i realized she was not there and went to the store to buy some groceries quickly. Had to entertain myself so i ended up bothering his husband from his office while i was waiting for my friend and asked him what he was doing. He showed me the dashboard solutions that he is currently working and i honestly did not understand the whole thing because i don’t actually know his field of business. Anyway, good thing that my friend came home right away and then we left to shop afterwards.


Never Miss Those Moment

This is actually a very funny photo of my little one. He seems like he is really serious about telling me “NO MORE PICTURES MOMMY!” lol! He in fact warned me that if i take one more snap he will cover his face with his hands, and he actually did! I will post that picture later after this but for now, i want you to see this! Ha! If only my boys knows that during my time i was a photo hungry for i did not have the advantage like what they have right now. I have my camera with me, both the dslr and the camera phone all the time and never miss a moment with them. I always capture those special moments that i need to document.


He Loves His Pup

This little one is very happy when he finally got the chance to play outside yesterday. I am happy too that the weather is getting better and better everyday. I am just hoping that we will not be getting a snow storm anymore. Spring is here and i can just smell that fresh air. I am looking forward to be outside a lot more than being inside the house. I love it when it’s spring and summer because we can enjoy our backyard more often.

We went for a short walk yesterday and the little potato could not leave his dirty looking pup behind. He was carrying that thing along with him during our walk. I find it so cute how he cares about it eventhough it is just a stuffed toy. He would love to have a real pup but unfortunately, we can’t have one at home because the big brother is allergic to any kind of furry pets. So, that’s why he is probably settled with just the one he is holding. Isn’t he a cutie? Just look at him how carries and holds his little pup, there’s so much love! ♥



Responsible Family Man

So hubby just told he will need me to search the reidsupply.com for handles. He probably needs it to fix something in the garage which what he always do during spring until summer time. He likes doing things outside and get messy rather than sitting on the couch watching tv. He sometimes watches tv with his fave shows but he does it only when it’s night time and during the day he is pretty much busy with some other things doing some man’s work outside. He is such a responsible family man.


Slacker Blogger

As you all noticed that i am becoming a slacker blogger lately. I don’t update my websites as often like i should. I don’t have much of the urge to update because i have been so depressed with our freezing weather here. It makes me feel like i wanna go home to my tropical weathered country. Oh how i wish it’s not that far from here so i can just drive even a whole day just to get there!

Well, anyway, i am happy that i do have the energy to update this website now. I am taking the advantage of myself since i am in the mood to write, haha! I just want to share this photograph of my little one that i took almost a year ago. If i am not mistaken i took this shot in Mantua around May, a small town next to ours that i love to go to a lot because it is quiet, peaceful and most of all, has so many spots that i want to take pictures of with my boys.

I would love to go there again one day this year to have a photo shoot with this little one, if he will allow me to. I have to get the chance whenever i can while my boys are not totally grown ups yet. For sure they will appreciate what i have been doing when they are all grown and have the family of their own. They have tons of photos taken by their very own mother to show to their family.