Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glass Mosaic Tile

Hubby and i have been planning to move to a new house, but the question is when? We haven't done anything about it, and we do really need to find a new place for us because the kids are growing and they will be needing a room to each one of them. Yes, we do have enough room for both of them though but then the room won't be as big as they wanted it to be when they get older. Also, i want to get a new design of the house, i somewhat don't like the kitchen we have here in our house because it is too tight and not enough space whenever we have some friends over.

What i want for the kitchen if ever we will be buying a new house, i want to design it with glass mosaic tile. It looks elegant and classy looking kitchen i am going to have if i have that kind of wall in our kitchen or even to our bathroom. I want to design my own place, i want it to look just like what i picture in my mind. For now, i have to just live with what i have. Soon, when we buy the new house i have been dreaming, surely that our kitchen will have the mosaic tile that i love to put all over the wall of our kitchen counter top.

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